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this out. i'm tough on national security. >>neil: but last year, president obama was meeting with a host of people. the year before, a healthy host of people. >>guest: they are not saying it is driven by politics. we are a few weeks from re-election. he is trying to show an image of confidence. in addition to "the view," a camera heard the president talking to a security guard that he must have recognized from a previous u.n. speech saying "still rooting for the jets." he is talking about the u.n. talking about football. we will talk about the green bay and what happened last night. >>neil: maybe he can get on the ref thing. >>reporter: he is taking, look, i don't have a care in the world. cruising to re-election. >>neil: you are here. even with all the traffic with the u.n. thing. things have subsideed. i am keeping a close eye on you. this could be a fake rally. thank you, ed. >> it is official. health care premiums are way up. is the president's time up in. >> we will work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year. we will not wait 20 years from now to do it or ten
bill through until the '60s. it seems like joe biden is a familiar figure 60 years ago. barack obama, of course, has an exotic name, an freezing rain name. he's not an unusual fellow. these aren't strange personalities. leon panetta is the most common, regular -- someone you would have met 100 years ago. is the democratic party that new age that they scare people. maybe i'm part of that reality. i don't see them as strange at all. >> it goes back to the propaganda factor. it's not just that rush and fox and those guys say something, it's that we say the other thing. if we say that barack obama isn't a muslim, that must not be true because we're the liberal media, we're the mainstream media, and nothing we can say -- we say can be trusted. >> i have called an anti-posture for years. just saying no to everything. thank you, guys. i think you nailed it. it's psychological. anyway, howard fineman and joe klein, thank you. coming up, it's not ignorance it's cycle. could barack obama be the democrats ronald reagan. there's a big thought. it comes from andrew sullivan and the front cover of
year, hbo number one in terms of picking up emmys, picking up 23. >> up next, president obama's what? aggressive agenda. how close was this president then to creating his coalition of the poor, well we'll look at tonight a chalk talk and tell how that telescopes to today. later, early votes across the nation, don't the states realize that election day is in november, what are we doing? we'll take up that with jes freeman of the "wall street journal" in moments. [ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. and waiting in line. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with, you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and pac
narrative that president obama should first two years because he had a super majority. that is a filibuster proof 60 or more senate seats, 60 or more democrats sitting in the chairs, which allows one party to pass legislation without votes from the other. don't forget, a president, the president needed a super majority because of the republicans unprecedented use of the filibuster as an obstruction tactic. in fact, they have filibustered over 400 times in this past session. so here's the deal. the real deal. there actually was no two year super majority for the president, and this time line shows the facts. president obama was sworn in on january 20, 2009. he was sworn in. and that obviously meant that he was sworn in with a group of senators, 58 of them to support his agenda, 58. he should have had 59, but republicans democratic senator al franken's election in minnesota. he didn't get seated for seven months, so the president's cause was helped in april, when pennsylvania's republican senatorar lynn specter switched parties, giving the president 59 votes, still a vote shy of that super ma
.s. recognition of statehood. that is something obama has not received enough credit for. within a year, we have both a jewish congresspersons, one republican and one democrat saying opposite things. your party would do better in the white house for israel. >> i certainly believe so. it is a very critical period. small things can mean an awful lot when the president has not been to israel, snubs the prime minister, has made outrageous claims. these have consequences. i think some of the arab states right now -- these are big blunders. >> you mean the boldest of the arab states? >> that daylight between israel and the united states. this is an administration of a great deal of rhetoric. let's look to the actions. >> that is an interesting point, congressman. there are people that say, it doesn't matter if there are nice photo ops. but does it matter what president obama is eating in jerusalem? >> it does matter. >> would you measure military support with the diplomatic aid? he may not love is real. >> i am not asking obama if he loves it, if he believes it is in the best interests of the united s
the last four years, it's a muddy verdict. bush was president during the financial melt down, the obama team has turned that around pretty well. >> and david brooks thinks he knows a moderate republican when he sees one. and that mitt romney is faking it when he tries to sell right wing extremism. >> mitt romney does not have the passion for the stuff he's talking about. he's a problem sofr. i think he's a nonideological person. and he's faking it. >> rush limbaugh who pretty much hates everything that david brooks has to say, reacted this way to david brooks on his radio show today. >> ideological age that romney can't do it? isn't that why you told us he would be the best nominee? am i wrong -- am i missing something here? isn't that why brooks and others told us we had to nominate romney precisely because he wasn't ideological and that would be necessary to get the independence. if romney would go ideological in explaining obama, it would help. >> a new political national poll of likely voters shows president obama leading mitt romney by 3 points. tonight nate silver fraufts that on
of the policies of president obama over the last several years in the region >> jon: that's foreign policy advisor to mitt romney and mr. ryan dan senor, decrying the middle east messiness. why don't you rebut him, chief spokesman for the coalition provisional authority in iraq, a more junior dan senor >> democracy we often said when we were there that democracy is messy. if you want clean and tidy there's dictatorship but right now these iraqis political leaders are immersed in their first sort of democratic experiment >> jon: i get you, man. it was the early to mid, man. everybody was experimenting with democracy then. what's up? you know what [bleep] i'm out of here. just go at it, you two. >> just a reminder of the chaos that a lot of the policies of this administration have sowed. chaos in the arab spring. chaos for allies in israel. there are certainly areas that are problematic. we are having some tough days. we'll have tough days ahead. what we've seen in the last three days is a product of policies that have been building over the last three years. if we are successful in building some mo
of president obama? we can't afford four more years of president obama! >> reporter: romney has based his campaign on the economy, but if ohio, the economic picture has been improving. after hitting a high of 10.6% three years ago, unemployment has been at 7.2% for three straight months. the national average is 8.1%. outside dayton, romney also talked about how his plan to pursue new trade agreements will help people in the state. >> the people in ohio can sell products anywhere in the world, and we can compete with anywhere in the world. i'm not afraid of trading with other nations. i understand that when we trade and when other nations trade on a fair basis we will complete, we will win, we'll raise wages here, we'll create jobs. >> reporter: with the election possibly in the balance in ohio, both sides are campaigning hard. both candidates have been here 13 times this year and they will both be here tomorrow. >> here in ohio we're not better off under president obama. >> reporter: they're also flooding the airwaves with television ads. >> romney's never stood up to china. >> reporter:
laid this out, how obama is this visionary and can think three or four years ahead, he must have also counted on an economic recovery kickingn with a lot more steam than we've had which jeopardizes getting to that second term. we have an 8%-plusunemployment rate that looks like it's going to be facing us in the face the day people vote. >> i think that's right. they had hoped the economy would rebound more. they inherited a 750 million per month loss rate and have improved aotromhat a an dennpiece, but they have a longer ways to go. i think the other interesting comparison to ronald reagan is there's two ronald reagans. there was the ronald reagan who worked with democrats, who made tax reform a priority will you also raised taxes, who signed the federal law tt requires orplenye ils have t treat the e.r. ronald reagan worked across the aisle on a lot of things and then there's the ron 23458d reagan we hear about the gop primary debates, a conservative ideologue at never turn. if you talk about the first reagan, obama has tried to foow tt pa, b had lessooperation on offer from the cong
convenes this morning with the president set to address world leaders. unlike last year president obama has no one-on-one meetings planned for this visit. kelly wright is live in washington with more for us. >>> this will be president obama's final address before the november election. what he says today will reflect the obama doctrine on foreign policy. it will have an impact on this as well. riots through out the muslim world killing ambassador president obama has a full plate of topics to discuss before world leaders. he is expected to talk about terrorism nuclear threats for iran and claims the united states is closest ally in the milled east to israel. he has no plans to meet with world leaders including israel's prime minister netanyahu. >>> he does not wait for the annual meeting in new york to have meetings with consultations between foreign leaders. he has a fairly robust schedule of meings with and conversations with foreign leaders. the ones i just mentioned have had to do with the recent unrest in the arab world. those kinds of conversations continue all of the time. >>> most of
voted already this year 37% don't think barack obama was born here. 25 thest was american born and, therefore, a legitimate president. when you ask the president's religion, this gets scary. a majority of all voters don't take him at his word. just 49%. this is all voters, say he's a christian, which is what he says he is. and 30% of republicans and 34% simple as that.cansa now, here's the point, these bad numbers, saying it twice wrong, these 34%, they're twice what they were four years ago. when he ca in people took him at face value. m icorbvly. i got a whole history, it was announced when i was born in honolulu, in all the papers there, and i am what i am, a christian. i go to this church that caused him a lot of trouble. do we remember that? he went to a church, jeremiah wright's church that got him in all the trouble. so why have wehangedm th anger about his church with wright and acceptance of an american to this -- they're all becoming donald trumps, mini trumps. >> my explanation for it is fear. my explanaon is it's not bed on a study of genealogical history or -- it's fea
done before. status quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of president obama of the we will not have four more years of president obama. his plan and his approach says fundamentally that government knows better than you how to live your life, how to pick winners and losers, how to choose companies that can be successful and products that have a future. that a group of bureaucrats, real smart people, working hard -- they are good people who work in washington -- he has a view they know better than free people. he will put them in the most important or one of the most important relationships you have. that is the relationship between you and your doctor. he will put government between this if he has his way. he wants a government that is more and more expansive. do you know how much money he spent in one year putting money into companies that he thought had a bright future? green companies. he spent $90 billion and sent to companies in many cases, that remain owned by campaign contributors of his. this is a vision of government that is entirely foreign to anything this na
clinton, obama takes in "the view"." it says the campaign advisor acknowledge in the election year, along with what you're saying, campaigning trumped meetings with world leaders saying look, this is a quote, look, if he met with one leader, he'd have to meet with ten. anonymous white house aide. so what if he has to meet with ten? >> bob: i can tell you why. it takes time away from campaigns. >> eric: is that what you want? really? >> dana: i think it's a terrible decision. it's one they could have avoi avoided. they have no exde dexterity. of the events that happened last week, why couldn't you say actually, i'm going to meet with angela merkel who is dealing with a possible currency collapse. in trying to bail out the rest of the country in europe. it will effect us at home. i could meet with the chinese and press them on human rights. it could meet with the north african leaders to talk to them about the growing threat of al-qaeda there. then i could meet with pakistan, afghanistan, and iraqis and tell them better get your act together and get in line. that would have been a president
president obama and mitt romney will take part in this year's clintonbal ia. idkey, by the way, will be our guest this morning on "morning joe." >>> with just 42 days to go till election day the race for u.s. senate in massausetts is permanent and has to do with warren's claims of nate amanheritage. scott brown cast doubt on those saying, i think character is important. now both sides are airin out the debate in tv spots across the country. >> i'm scott brown. i approve this ssage. >> elizatharre isry puuens about her heritage behind her. >> identified herself as a native american to employers. >> they have zero evidence of. >> she's facing tough questions about whether she claimed to be minority for ofessional gain. >> she did give an er. kpsgi >> athing else that will come out about you that you don't already know? >> you know, i don't think so, but who knows? >> as i kid i never asked for documentation when she talked about ouriv aca hege. i knew my family dchts like she was part cherokee and delaware so my parents had to elope. i never asked for, never got any benefit because of my heri
for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama.
to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: last year's meeting president obama met separately with more than a dozen world leaders. this year he had no such meetings scheduled prompting criticize mg he's more focused on campaigning than governing. hillary clinton met with 20 world leaders in his place. diane. >>> thank you so much from the white house, jake tapper tonight. >>> knew we move on to football. split second call that had everyone in arms today. professional football referees are locked out in a contract battle with the nfl and their replacements have been called in pretty amateur convenient venue. last night was not pretty. here's dan harris. >> reporter: there are eight seconds on the clock the seattle seahawks are losing to the green bay packers. and the seattle quarterback throws a hail mary. >> fought for by tate with jennings, simultaneous. who has it? who will they give it to? touchdown! >> reporter: look at what the two replacement referees do. one of them rules it a touchdown while the other says no. >> to me, it looks like a jennings interception
meetings at the united national assembly. president obama had 13 one-on-one meetings last year. enough of the real news. let's gather around the water cooler to watch a people to enter snooki's name into the immortality of new jersey law. who knew her power? snooki and "the jersey shore" crew caused so much commotion the state assembly is stepping in. yesterday ocean county republican wrong that would dancer, wonderful name there introduced a snookiville law as he calls it that would let njs njs towns regulate the filming of reality tv shows. how many states even have this problem to begin with assemblyman dancer is pushing a bill that would allow towns to impose ordinances on where producers can film and even charge for extra police needed to corral crowds. this is my home state of new jersey, baby. certainly not the first time they've tried to shun snooki and her crew. her spin-off show was rejected before it settled in manchester. governor chris christie has been quick to distinguish all then tick new jersey folk from those reality stars. >> i want to remind all of you of something.
president obama's statement which he made a year into his presidency that he would rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president doesn't really make sense because if you're shooting for history, you need to go through the american voter in order to get that good judgment from history. >> woodruff: you also say i think toward the end of the book you point out you think the president really does want to be elected to a second term. there's no question about that. >> i think we see that everyday, don't we? >> woodruff: the book really is a walk through history. we don't have time to go through all the categories but tell us what the most successful presidents have had in common? what do we see in them that we haven't seen in the other presidents? >> the presidents that i call leaders of destiny are the presidents who are consistently ranked highly by the historians and the historian polls the rating the president gain. number two they are two-term presidents succeeded by their own party meaning that the electorate liked them at the time and numr three they all
photturing lesbians of scandinavian des ent. well this year with what obama's economy i had to share our number with what another line. so press 6, only if are you dial ---888-o mrs. lex for tickets to the off, off, off, off broadway show about lex luther's troubled marriage. take a listen. >> hello, you've reached the hotline for tickets to o mrs. lex, the hit comedy of love, sex and lex. here's a taste. >> how's our sex life? let's just say superman is not the only one who lives in a fortress of solitude. >> to order tickets to o mrs. lex stay on the line. updates also cancelled no refunds. >> stephen: to remember, if you would like to atone for your sins that number is 1-888-oops-jew. wow, the calls are starting to come already. shalom, how have you wronged me. >> hey, stephen, this is ira glass. >> ira glass, host of public radio this american life. i recognized your voice because hi the sudden urge to pledge $50 for a dr. who fannie pack. so ira what is your apology. >> stephen, i apologize for never having you on this american life. >> yes. >> so tonight my apology to stephen colbe
, as we pointed out, are from that statement by the candid obama some five years ago, really. it just makes no sense, what is happening here that suddenly the campaign takes priority over the business of state. >> well -- lou: and there is no comment in the mainstream media. >> well, the mainstream media has totally brushed anything this president has done a side of what is becoming more and more clear, this president's policies on the economy have failed and failed miserably. if he is reelected we will have four more years. now it is becoming more and more clear that his foreign policy is crumbling around the world, and is not just the middle east. people are missile defense systems out of europe to appease russians. they spend $700 billion more on defense. he has tried to appease the chinese. they are expanding their sovereignty claims a round the world. the middle east policy is crumbling around it. america needs leaders. right now the only opportunity we will have is president romney. i hope you will see that. lou: thank you for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you. lou:
because the world leaders have one major problem with president obama. they can't vote in. four years ago they did anything they could to get a meeting with him. at the u.n. it's hard, bilot ral meeting after meeting. hard to say no to some to maybe easier to say no to all. they should have canceled the campaign meetings and send clinton. and as painful as it to listen to their campaign that is the right thing to do strategy wise. >> kimberly: isn't that his job as president? read the fine print. be presidential. >> brian: we are thinking on the same line. but the president could look great by sitting with the world leaders and letting them know it's unsell to believe not allow the marines to land, to go to the egyptian prime minister and say 48 hours for you to condemn the attacks. i've had it. meet with libya and get an update. do what romney can't do. be president. then let everybody report what happened behind closed doors and make sure the message is strong. if you were in charge, that would not happen. they would not go on the view. >> bob: if i was in charge i wouldn't wear a pink
cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. his plan and his approach says fundamentally that government knows better than you how to live your life, how to pick winners and losers, how to choose companies that can be successful and products that have a future, the government, that a group of bureaucrats of real smart people, working hard, they're good people who work in washington, but he has this view that somehow they know better than free people. so he's going to put them in the most important -- or one of the most important relationships that you have, that's the relationship between you and your doctor. he's going to put government between there if he has his way. he wants a government that is more and more expensive and intrusive. do you know how much money he spent in one year, putting money into companies that he thought had a bright future, green companies. he spent $90 billion, $90 billion. and sent it into companies that in many cases that were owned by campaign contributors of his. >> you hear the boos in the crow
as last year. the obama campaign is hitting mitt romney for not releasing tax returns from before 2010. other than that a summary of what he might have paid as his bottom line. but the fact that he hasn't released before 2010, we have these two returns, that just makes it all the more amazing that the stuff that is in his returns is so recent. right? i mean the stuff we know about, including investing in the chinese oil firm doing business with iran, this is stuff he was doing while he knew he was running for president again. the guy who says, you can always tell your blind trust what to do. you can always tell them what they can and can't do. one of the things he conveyed it was okay to do in mitt romney's name with mitt romney's money was to invest in a chinese oil company in 2011 and now mitt romney wants to launch himself as the guy tough on china? apparently. and specifically, he wants to be the tough on china guy while he's in ohio. mr. romney is launching this romney 5.0, i'm tough on china thing with a bus tour. a bus tour that his vice presidential nominee started today and he
a distinction. >> eric: the other choice, look at what president obama has done in four years. he created trillion-and-a-half dollars of economic activity in the country. sounds great. but we added $5 trillion in new debt to the deficit. for every dollar we spent $3.5 or $4. of debt. the average spending is $7.5. we are borrowing $4. for every buck we spend. the solution, perfect -- for every dollar we are spending $7.5 bucks. >> bob: $5.5 is on taxes democrat is bad math. >> dana: today, david axelrod said president obama doesn't need a plan for that. >> bob: it's a mistake to say that, to say you don't have a plan. >> dana: there are four mistakes in the "a" block from the obama campaign just now. we can say why do they do it that way? >> bob: oh, this one. sorry. >> kimberly: the interview, we don't have time to show the thought of it. but the biggest disappointment depends on the audience. if it's univision, it's immigration. if it's "60 minutes" it's i can't change the tone in washington. but this just in. first picture of president obama and mrs. obama in the taping of "the view" to
years ago when barack obama was elected. about half of those because they weren't registered to vote. about half were registered to vote didn't bother to come. the first thing we focused on and voter registration continues in most states through october 6th or 9th, in some states like wisconsin you can go through to election day, we're making sure that at a minimum they're registered, they're informed, they're educated. second thing we're doing, greta, we're distributing over 51 million copies of a nonpartisan voter guide that shows where mitt romney and barack obama stand on 10 key issues from economy to jobs, taxes and spending, healthcare, marriage, the right-to-life, and other key issues, including the obama mandate on religious charities, which will be devastating to many not only catholic but protestant hospitals, colleges, universities and schools, and every one of these issues stands is footnoted, righ either in thr own words, off a speech they gave, book they wrote, 90% in their words. we'll let the voters make the decision. >> greta: what do you do about the evangelical --
will be in new york later in the week. it is true last year when president obama was here for the u.n. general assembly he had at least a dozen meetings with world leaders, and having covered president obama since he took office this is an anomaly, this idea that he would come here and not have meetings with world leaders. there really isn't a full explanation that's been forthcoming other than the president has a busy schedule. >> greta: is my recollection correct, didn't last night netanyahu came to washington to meet him? it's not so much that they aren't that the same place. they both have planes. >> right, of course. this has been the dispute between the u.s. and israeli governments. the israeli government has told abc news that they put in an official request, they would have prime minister netanyahu come to washington, d.c. as you know, it is a 35-minute flight. the white house says that there was no official request. i don't know where the truth lies in that computation. but the bottom line is this is just another example of the fact that president obama and prime minister netanyahu ha
during his first year in office. obama called a lack of immigration reform the biggest failure of his presidency, but attempted to shift blame for the failure to republicans. >> when we talk about immigration reform in the first year, that is before the economy was on the verge of collapse. lehman brothers had collapsed, the stock market was collapsing. and so my first priority was making sure we prevented us from going into a great depression. i think everybody remembers where we were four years ago. i am happy to take responsibility for being nine eve. i did not expect republicans to approve this is supported comprehensive immigration reform, my opponent in 2008 who had been a champion of it and attended these meetings, suddenly would walk away. >> president obama's comments come as his administration faces scrutiny for deporting and detaining a record number of undocumented people, nearly 400,000 immigrants were deported during the last fiscal year. the republican presidential nominee mitt romney also fielded questions about immigration during a wednesday appearance on univision. r
with an edge. >> the american people cannot afford four more years of brought obama and that is why i will become the next president of united states space. >> mitt romney pounced on the president's 60 minutes interview where he used the phrase " bump in the road " to talk about recent events in the middle east. >> these are not bounce in the road, these are human lives and developments we do not want to see. it is time for president that will shake the events and the middle east, not just be merciful or be at the mercy of the events in the least. >> the white house pushed back against any suggestion that he characterized the attack on the american consulate as a bump in the road. >> that assertion is desperate and offensive. the president was referring to the transformations in the region. >> the president's campaign is rolling out a new advertisement attacking mitt romney for saying that 47 percent of americans who do not pay federal income tax see themselves as victims. >> maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his. >> that ad is airing in ohio where pa
in the case of egypt, but the united states has tried to give it. last year, president obama came to the united nations and was really ou -- touting these liberalizing movements but in the last years with the recent riots and anti-americanism we found we open a pandora's box. in some cases, things are going to go down the direction that, if not secular, pluralist -- and in other cases things may get quite dicey and we may be confronted with a democratically elected governments even that are not necessarily on the same page as we are into the fundamental values and interests. host: "the washington post" editorial notes there has been pro-american push back in libya and egypt. a revealing reaction, they say, against attacks on u.s. missions. people with pro-america signs pushed their way into an encampment -- guest: this is a very hopeful development and also suggest what you see on a particular day on the so-called arab street is not necessarily a reflection of the more silent majority or in some cases less silent. people coming out afterwards and decrying the violence. in libya cl
over the next four years? obama beats romney by nine point. that's more than other surveys out there. caution here, weak survey. other surveys more interested in the political side. they survey registered and likely voters. how about jobs? six to two, worse on jobs. who's better? obama wins. the one place where romney wins is as maria said, on the next one, on the deficit. overwhelmingly, people think the deficit is worse than it was four years ago. they're right. they say romney, only within the margin of error, which is 3.5%, plus or minus on this poll. take a look at the next series of charts. romney wins hands down on who will be better to invest for you. who do you want to coach your favorite team and who would you want to hang out with? about five to two americans pick obama. that may be part of the reason for obama's support here. another fascinating issue here is obama looks to have neutralized what would normally be a republican edge on the issue of taxes. who will increase your taxes? 45% of the public says obama. 42% say romney. you can see the reverse here on income group
, that is true. in his first three years in office, president obama administration enacted 10,883 new rules compared to president bush's 12,447. but president obama's had been far more costly. his approved 37 major rule changes. totaling $8.8 billion. president bush had nine regulations for $4.3 billion. just last week, president obama administration issued 82 new rules. that is a new regulation every two hours. so far, 2800 rules published this year, pace that increased. grapevine is in the fact checking mode, another clip from "60 minutes" and president referencing it on "the view" today. >> you made on your investments personally about $20 million last year. you paid 14% in federal taxes. that is the capital gains rate. is that fair to the guy who makes $50,000 and paid higher rate than you did? >> at it low rate. >> you think is it fair? >> yeah. the right way to encourage economic growth. >> governor romney on "60 minutes" was asked does he think it's fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody making $50,000 a year? he said yes. >> bret: there is a problem with the original ques
church a positive light. four years ago you may remember then senator obama's pastor became a lightning rod for criticism. >> god bless america. no, no no. not god bless america. god damn america. >> bret: this spring, byron york of the "washington examiner" says reverend wright said he was offered substantial sum of money by close friend of obama to stay quiet about their relationship until after the 2008 election. york reports that wright says he has been counseled not to publish his account of what happened until after this november. mark twain said there are lies, damned lies and statistics. we will look at least with the of those three in the grapevine. and bipartisan outrage in wisconsin. after last night's packers game. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> annou
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